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57mm cut out saw worked fine, lights were very easy to fit, I did only use three lights but it was a small bathroom so lighting is sufficient. The lights look good and the silicone, funnily enough, seem to hold their position in the ceiling much better than the spring loaded ones!
Jeremy Layzell, Happy Customer
We think differently about energy efficient central heating and LED lighting

At Magiled we believe that through innovation and design we can produce energy efficient central heating and LED lighting that not only looks great in your home or office, but that works better and could also save you money on energy bills too. In fact, you could benefit from energy savings of up to 80% with our energy saving LED lighting and heat energy conversion rates that can reach over 98% on our Carbon Heating panels.

And our solar sustainable Hawker portable led lights are currently being used by the MOD at the Military Defence Academy, Sandhurst.

So if you’re looking for greener and more energy saving lighting than you get from conventional LED down lights then take a look at our i-Style LED Ceiling Panels or our revolutionary 10Watt downlighter, with fixed or adjustable bezels, RF remote control and many colour options.

Or if you want the comfort that comes from our energy efficient infrared heater, which “instantly” delivers heat around a room without having to wait for it to warm up and also look fantastic as a room feature as well - with an optional choice of fascia images (or even your own image)? Then our Carbon Crystal commercial and domestic heating panels could be the perfect solution for you.

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