Carbon Crystal Radiant Wall Panel Heater - Dark Tulips

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The latest in indoor heating, only from Magi-led UK.

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Product Description

Scientific Principle: Brownian Motion in Action

Heat energy conversion rates can reach 98%. The carbon crystal fibre random movement creates a heating effect within the body of the panel that rapidly generates predominantly photonic radiant heat. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient, cost saving solution to space heating.

Carbon crystal wall panel heater specifications

System components;

  • Carbon crystal electric heating plate.
  • Adjustable thermostat & RF control (optional).
  • AC230V, 50Hz power cable cord.
  • Standard panel white powder coated metallic surface.
  • Back (sheet) aluminium style insulation panel
  • Aluminium or wooden frames
  • Perimeter of the frame can be lit using red glow led's


Planar heating plate: up to 25% more efficient compared to carbon fibre heaters.

Adjustable parameters: heater power, resistance and surface temperature can be controlled and set according to requirements.

Rapid warming speed:

The electric current produces heat energy and the carbon heating plate can get hot within 5 minutes, thus the front face of the heater acts as a radiator. EM waves travel at the speed of light.

High thermal efficiency:

Adjustable thermostat control is available for controlling room temperature to suit client needs.

  • Material providing 98% heat transfer efficiency much higher than standard resistance heaters.
  • Reliable & safe.
  • Neutral design for many applications.
  • The heating panel can be hung on a wall or a ceiling. We recommend that the distance from the floor to the bottom of the panel heater frame is kept near 1100mm.
  • Heat energy is spread quickly and uniformly in to the surrounding space. EM waves.
  • Controlled panel temperature ensures safe environment for children.
  • The panel heater is IP 56 rated.
  • It is light weight and has a thickness of 2cm.
  • There are no moving parts within the panel heater, thus no noise.
  • It is maintenance free, the carbon crystals have a very long life without any deterioration.
  • 5 year warranty is available.
  • Employs new technology and new concept in heating.
  • The heater panels are available in 250 Watts, 500 Watts 800 Watts,
  • Your own image can be installed on the face panel - please view this item and contact us for details.
  • The image on the face of the panel is static.
  • If ordered in quantity we can design panels to suit your own environment.

Bespoke Options

The panel heaters front face can be printed to your requirements subject to quality of artwork supplied, at an additional cost. Please enquire for details, just email us here and attach your image please and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you.

If your require wooden frames please enquire for details and prices by email and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Bespoke and £Extra. Allow 30 days for delivery. Bespoke terms and conditions apply.


The Benefits of Infrared Carbon Crystal Panel heaters Cost saving Calculator for the Magiled Carbon Crystal Panel Heater


Magiled Carbon
Crystal Heater

Electric convection

  Output in Watts   600 Watts 1500 Watts
  Warrant Period   5 years 1 year
Silent. All of the input energy is
converted into Heat Energy.
Not Silent, Mechanical Noise,
Sound Noise, Vibration Noise.
Lots of wasted energy!
  Electric Power
  Consumed in
  Kilowatts (Kw)
0.6 1.5
  Daily use Hours 5 hours 5 hours
  Monthly hours 30
  day @5.00 hours
150 hours 150 hours
  Kilowatts Hours 90 225
  Cost Per Kw-hour 15p 15p
  Cost Per Month £13.50 £33.75
  Cost per year £162.00 £405.00





Application Usage

  • Suitable for owner occupied apartments.
  • Suitable for tenants - landlord lets.
  • Care Homes.
  • Children Nurseries.
  • Listed buildings.
  • Churches - why burn heat when it is only needed during the congregation gathering?
  • Offices, doctors surgeries, opticians, dentists.
  • Interior designers.
  • Architects.
  • Developers.
  • Anywhere where gas supply is not available.
  • Caravan sites.
  • Anywhere where instant heat is required - events etc.
  • Suitable for wall or ceiling installs.
  • Perfect as a “corporate” advertising/heating for commercial receptions/boardrooms.
  • Excellent as a ceiling heat grid panel for offices and classrooms.
  • Excellent to keep quantity “seeds” dry, e.g. seed silo’s etc.

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