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  • NEW - Latest Flexiled brochure

    The future shape of lighting. Clever new idea designed to change the way you install downlights.

    Flexiled i-drive lamp holder.

    Waterproof and lightweight, with excellent fire retardant properties, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

    Download our latest brochure here.

  • COMING SOON - Flexiled i-drive spot lamp holder


    The Flexiled, which recently featured on the BBC’s Dragons Den, is a clever new idea designed to change the way you install downlights.

    The solution removes the need for tension springs or circlips to hold the lamp in the cavity, thus ensuring the product is easy to install and can be removed without risk of causing damage.

    The product is designed to be completely waterproof and lightweight, with excellent fire retardant properties, making it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

    The Flexiled can be used as a downlight holder for your standard GU10 fitting or as a complete fitting with Magiled’s newly designed 5W LED module

    Designed, developed and produced by Magi-led (UK) Ltd. PP: GB 1517755.3

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  • MAGILED's tip's for replacing your banned spot lamp halogens & our latest innovation, Flexiled.

    • Legislation say’s that Halogen spot lamps have been banned as from 1st September 2016. For the safety of your dwelling, & energy efficiency, we recommend that you replace your existing stock with new led lamps,

    • If you are replacing the banned 50 Watt halogen, make sure your led replacement fits your lamp holder. Check its height and circumference around the “fattest” part of its body, better still compare with your existing lamps. Despite the perception that the led lamps are a direct fit, this is not so!


    Above: Banned Halogens, Below, Example Led spot lamp


    YES, we can provide you with your wants. Our latest innovation Flexiled, unique spot lamp holder or a complete light engine with a GU10 or our in-house designed led 5 Watt light source

    • Magiled can guarantee to provide you with a driverless just under 5 Watt, over 400 lumens = 50 Watt halogen. Guarantee to fit conventional lamp holders,
    • Colour: If you are looking for candle flame colour I.e. 2700 K°, we have this in stock,
    • We can guarantee or products for up to 5 years normal use,
    • Our Flexiled is fully compliant and suitable for designated bathroom area’s,
    • Our led light source is fully dimmable.


    Just a Note:

    Many halogen fans love the dimming effect they give. So if this is important to you, go for a higher quality LED bulb which, combined with a glass housing, gives it a similar look and feel to halogen spotlights. Common plastic alternatives are unable to provide this. Also, when replacing halogens in areas of your home such as ceilings, it’s important not to buy LEDs with different variations in dimming and colour quality. This will avoid inconsistent lighting in your home or business.(Guardian)

    Building Regulations: Part L Energy Efficiency

    This is possibly the most confusing one out of the bunch. Part L is split into two main sections; Part L1 which covers residential buildings and Part L2 which covers commercial buildings such as factories, offices and schools etc. Part L compliance is given to the building not the lamp or luminaire. To achieve Part L compliance you need to meet the following criteria:

    Part L1 – Residential: 75% of all the lights in a home or domestic building must be low energy.

    5 Watt Rule: A low energy light is only classed as low energy if it produces over 400 lamp lumens and has an efficacy of over 45 lumens per watt. Some LED downlights only fully comply with Part L in cool white but not in warm white.

    • If a low energy lamp is fitted that is below 5 watts it is ignored from the scope and not counted. Our new module is just under 5Watts, produces over 400 lumens =50Watt halogen, thus our GU10 and our new led module is exempt from any carbon emission calculations.

    If you need further information, contact;



    Ranjit Singh Sohal enjoyed, so to speak, a session with the Dragons, on BBC television, when he made his pitch to them for some investment finance regarding the development of his unique innovative down light/ led lamp holder invention, the Flexiled- idrive. A replacement for costly down light fixtures.

    By common consent on the day, his pitch was considered impressive, both with regard to his personal presentation and the quality of the product, which he has produced on behalf of his company MAGI-LED (UK) Ltd. Despite this, the Dragons concluded that they were not prepared to offer any investment capital.

    Ranjit was rather baffled by the inability of the Dragons to grasp the concept of his invention to change the "same old" downlight thinking of three decades. It is a very simple concept but the technical advantages of the product were not understood by the Dragons. "Perhaps it was too simple for them!" says Ranjit.

    The existing methodology for installing and replacing downlights is cumbersome, complicated and time consuming, as anyone who has tried to replace a ceiling light at home will testify.

    The Flexiled is easier to fit and cheaper than conventional down lights. Although he was disappointed by the response of the Dragons he is still confident that his patented invention is a game changer in modern lighting technology.

    The features which make it unique in the market include:

    • • perfect lamp holder replacement for all 50Watt halogen spot lamps
    • • easy and quick to install
    • • no holding steel bezel clips, no cir-clips
    • • suitable for all ceilings/cavities
    • • very lightweight, but strong and only 50mm in height
    • • acts as a fire hood, with our led light source
    • • can accommodate any GU10 available in the current market
    • • the flexiled is also available with our in- house unique patent designed light source
    • • Driverless, 5Watt, producing over 400 lumens with IP rating of 65
    • • available in a variety of colours

    Nick Jenkins was more concerned with "Pink silicon that's more at home in Ann Summers" (sic) and failed to understand that this was a demonstration of the product being available in a variety of colours.

    Ranjit extended his best wishes to the Dragons and looks forward to the future progress of his unique innovative product with the firm belief that it has the scope to disrupt the lighting industry.

    Contact Details: Ranjit Singh Sohal (Ran):
    T: +44(0)1922 614666
    M: +44(0)7876220555

  • MagiLed IR Heat Panels

    We have a new company brochure available to download. A short excerpt;

    We offer a healthier cost-effective infrared heating system. Infrared heating systems are revolutionising the way we heat our homes, offices and many other buildings.

    With huge energy and cost savings associated with infrared heating and the products that use this technology, these options are the ecofriendly and energy saving choice for many industrial and domestic uses.

    Our new range of carbon crystal radiant wall panel heaters are available in 10 stunning designs and 3 different sizes from stock, or you may wish to customise each panel with your own image and specify a non standard frame finish.

    Our products are environmentally friendly with very low running costs and remarkably energy efficient. This is what sets our products ahead of the rest and ensures we are one step ahead of our competition.

    To download the full brochure click here

  • A Short Course

    Please click here to download the full short course PDF

    For Lighting Designers, Lighting Project Engineers and anyone who needs to make informed decisions on LED Lighting

    An essential course for lighting designers, lighting project engineers and anyone who needs to make informed decisions on LED Lighting




    Please click here to download the full short course PDF

  • Launch of Magiled (UK) Ltd

    launch of Magiled

    Walsall based Magiled opens showroom for energy efficient led lighting & radiant panel heating systems.

    Magiled a Walsall based, innovative heating and lighting company offering bespoke solutions has opened its first local showroom in Ablewell Street Walsall.

    Magiled's new Walsall premises was officially opened on 12 November by Stewart Towe CBE, Chairman of the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership. The opening was attended by business leaders as well the Leader of Walsall Council, Cllr Sean Coughlan and Deputy Leader Mohamed Nazir, Head of Business Regeneration. Amongst the dignitaries was Ninder Johal (President of Black Country Chamber), Professor Andrew Pollard (University of Wolverhampton). Paul Butler (University of Aston), Keith Stanley (Business development from University Hospital of Birmingham), & David Large from Interserve Construction Company. Magiled provides highly efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting systems, with a long lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and energy savings of up to 80%. Its space saving, stylish, infrared heating panels use radiate heat in the same way that the sun heats the earth offering savings of up to 70% compared to convection heaters. The panels are easy to install and come in a variety of designs which can be wall or ceiling mounted, or built in to furniture such as wardrobes or display units.

    Ranjit Singh Sohal, Managing Director of Magiled, said:

    LED technology in many ways is still in its infancy but the recent award of the Nobel Prize to its discoverers shows how important its applications are, particular for greener, more efficient solutions to future energy needs.

    Stewart Towe, Key Note Speakers, Chairman of the Black Country LEP speaking at the launch said:

    we need to uplift our knowledge based industries within the Black Country and Magiled's innovative approach is a prime example of the economic vibrancy we need.

    Magiled were also one of 12 companies exhibiting in the combined West Midlands LEP's stand at the Advanced Engineering Trade Exhibition 11-12 November at the NEC.

    To download a PDF of this press release, please click here

  • Magiled (UK) to exhibit at the NEC

    Magiled (UK) to exhibit as 1 of 12 companies in the West Midlands Advanced Engineering to showcase on the 11th/12th November at the NEC with support from the Black Country local enterprise partnership (lep) Stand A, H61. Our theme new thinking, new technologies.

  • Launch for Magi-led (UK) ltd

    Key Note Speaker: Stewart Towe CBE

    Wednesday, 12th November 2014
    Time: 5.00pm

    Venue: 91/92 Ablewell Street, Walsall. Ws12 EU

    Car parking: Rear of building at Shimla Peppers

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