CE & Patents

PLEASE NOTE that our products are "Registered in European Community via the Office for harmonization in the internal market (trade marks and designs) and the intellectual property office in UK. The registered proprietor is Magiled (UK) Ltd.

The following European Community Design & Registration numbers:

Design: Table heater:
European Community Design Registration Number 0001369284-0001
Date of Issue: 22nd April 2013-05-17

  • 001128789-0001 (a multi directional PL lamp);
  • 001359293-0001 Hawker Mk3. Portable led light
  • 001236608-0001 Smart Otas led light bulb
  • 001128789-0001 Smart Otas led light bulb flower heat sink
  • 001128789-0002 (10 Watt down-light);
  • 001128789-0003 (10 to 20 Watt heat sink light source with reflector);
  • 001128789-0004 (A garage canopy flood light);
  • 001128789-0005 (A high bay light)
  • 001179949-0002 ( A fire resistance led down light)
  • 001179949-0003 (10 Watt Spot light for multi use)
  • 001179949-0001 ( Solid State Down –Light)

...are held by Magiled (UK Ltd. Their next renewal date is 30th April 2015 and subsequent renewal due dates every 5 years until expiry date of 9th April 2034.

Light Emitting Diode Carbon Fibre Heating Panel:
Certificate of Registration of Design Number 4024841 with intellectual Property Office in UK.
Date of Issue: 13th June 2012

Magiled(UK) Ltd also hold the following design patents with the UK intellectual property office. Their registration numbers are;

  • 4010806 (Led Hawker Lamp)
  • 4024841 (Carbon Crystal Radiant Panel heater)
  • 4010807 (Led UV- nano lamp)
  • 4010808 (Led Mouse Dimmer)
  • 4012085 (10 Watt Led Light Source)
  • 4012084 (Fire Resistant spot light)
  • 4012083 (Fire Resistant down-light