About Us

MAGi-led (UK) ltd is an innovative designed led, company offering solid state LED (light emitting diode) and IR (infrared) heating products for commercial and domestic use founded by Ran Sohal.

MAGi-led (UK) brings together creative design and technical expertise in order to design, develop and produce a range of high quality, patent protected products for lighting and heating solutions.

Our products are designed to be cost effective and energy efficient. Light energy savings of 80% are achievable and heat energy conversion rates can reach over 98%. Our products include carbon crystal graphene panel heaters, led down lights, ceiling led lighting panels and powerful portable lights including a portable Hawker with a burn time of 10+ hours. The latter are used by the Military Defence Academy (MOD), Sandhurst.

How we Work

As a company, we are very focused on the environment. We see the damage man has done every day to the planet and we think that in time, we can help restore some balance to this Earth. Our products are environmentally friendly, very low in running costs and remarkably energy efficient. This is what sets our products ahead of the rest and ensures we are one step ahead of our competition.

A cleaner future